Marja 2/52

I got to know Marja as a host of the WE Club Summer School, which I had the honor to attend as photographer this september. I now meet her three months later at the Zandvoort beach after her every-sunday-swim in the ocean.




What makes me happy, that's an interesting question. I think, setting forth and giving form to my inner mission, bringing it to reality, accomplishing it. Just recently, the last few years, I found that there is really a purpose in everything. Like when you form a question in your head and then you meet just the right people, without even asking for it - When it all comes together... that's happiness.




Smell is somehow important for me to feel at home... Home is where I can relax, where there's space to be myself, although that's very vague. I do my best to make places feel at home. Beauty is very essential to me, having elements of nature, light some candles, incenses. I always bring a big scarf and put it on the couch or as table cloth, so that they are some elements of me around. And if I feel at home, I really like to stay! When I feel at home, I am really grounded and happy and I think it's the best place to be.




Becoming a mother is definitely the Number One in life changing incidents. Doing the Go Mad Training... and then, starting the WE Club as really an expression of what I wanted to do, without thinking of money and practicalities, just as a desire to bring this into the world. That one, starting the WE Club, would be like sharing my dream – to speak out and get it out there.


Christiane's question: What would you change in society, if you could? That's an easy one :) Empower women doing business their own way!We are very used to be in that rat race, that everything is made up as a competition. I wish for more balance in that towards more „female“ principles, for us in society to become more caring and nurturing.

Can you? Yes! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing what I do. Although it may be just a small impact, with persistance, it is still... valuable. Changing something.


Marja's question to you: What would be your ideal way of working?