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„The mountain decides“


Leonie wrote these words and included them in one of her beautiful climbing pictures.

The mountain made his decision at sunrise, on the third of August, 2017.

Leonie and Simon were on their way to the summit of Piz Bernina, together with their climbing friend Stefan. Bound together in a roped party, they had already reached the crest, which is called Biancograt. This thin, snowcapped line is the last section on the way to the top. This was the point, the mountain let the three of them fall and thus, released them from this physical world forever.


Their families got the devastating news one day later, which would put them in shock and fundamentally change all of their lives. Even now, one year later, it still is hard to believe that they are never coming back.

At the time of their alpine tour, Leonie and Simon had already packed their bags for a greater journey. Their plan was to travel around Europe and fully attend to the things they love: Exploring nature, meeting new people, climbing, and documenting all of this with lens, pen and paper.

It was not their decision, that this journey went into a whole different course.


After the third of August, a lot of things happened. People came together, their families, Leonies and Simons friends, room and soul mates. Everyone mourning in their own way, but many supporting each other in this mutual loss. Bewildered, but yet deeply connected to the beloved ones.

A lot of things were discovered or re-discovered, a half built caravan, pictures, drawings, and many thoughts commited to paper. Many stories were told, and we were allowed to experience evermore facets of Leonies and Simons lives, which were unknown before.


Two of Leonies great projects, now her legacy, are art of climbing and roadstori.es.

The last pictures from their ascent to Piz Bernina will forever remain with the camera in the mountains. However, you can read the very last lines Leonie wrote down before the ascent, they are included in her own roadstori.es interview. This last interview completes her project.


Florestan Langer, Leonies oldest Brother




the roadstories project


THE ROADSTORI.ES PROJECT is a personal one. The one thing humans always have done is storytelling. Stories connect people and generations, they transport wisdom and warnings. They entertain and educate. Each of us has an own story to tell.

The purpose of Roadstori.es is to create and share authentic pictures and stories of people that cross my way, for one year, once a week.


I am guided by three essential questions and my love of photography. The ROADSTORI.ES project is a playground for my photographical and lyrical approach towards meaningful communication and genuine contact. Welcome! 

 The Roadstories Project has been awarded with the prize for young artists by the DIE - German Institute for Adult Education and the Leibniz Institute for Lifelong Learning (March 2016)