Well, that's the way I see her. The world. The camera is my Multi-Tool. My armor, my (light)sword, my key to many doors, my powerful magnifier to discover beauty anywhere. My pictures are diaries, observations, discoveries. A declaration of love to the world.


And yes, we can work together to create pictures, that tell YOUR story.

Don't have a studio because outside is always the best location. Speaking German, English and lousy French.



"We invited Leonie to photograph a very intimate retreat where I helped 10 women design their purpose-driven businesses. Imagine 3 days of deep questions and intense work. I must admit I was a bit weary about having a photographer at such an event. I was afraid the participants would have difficulty opening up with a camera around.


You know what happened? Leonie mastered the balance between being fully present in the group and making the camera invisible. Absolutely brilliant and such a relief for me as the trainer!


Result? Beautiful photo stories, full of genuine emotions, joy, and human connection. I definitely hope to work with her in the future again.”


Neža Krek,



"The question, what makes Leonie special, becomes void when you see her artworks.

I have never seen so much love shining through photographs. I call her a catcher of moments, a gatherer of happiness, an artist from the heart. It is her talent, to capture the beauty and happiness of a moment in a single picture. I think what makes the division is her view though the lense – a view full of awareness, gentleness and love.


As her model, you will realize your own beauty. Leonie is holding up a mirror and shows, how beautiful the world is. Enchanting."


Teresa Hoffmann,



"Dear Leonie, again and again, thank you so much for your pictures, which beautifully depict the animals in my work from their very best side – You capture moments, how I love them most: The whole atmosphere, lovely details, expression and precision with an excellent photographic quality. Your pictures are enriching my website, all of my publications and me personally!"


Bibi Degn,