Taking pictures of humans for me is all about the concept of authenticity. There is no need to fake uniqueness.

The standard of showing an authentic personality is not only applied on my personal, but on my professional pictures, too.



The question, what makes Leonie special, becomes void when you see her artworks.

I have never seen so much love shining through photographs. I call her a catcher of moments, a gatherer of happiness, an artist from the heart. It is her talent, to capture the beauty and happiness of a moment in a single picture. I think what makes the division is her view though the lense – a view full of awareness, gentleness and love.


As her model, you will realize your own beauty. Leonie is holding up a mirror and shows, how beautiful the world is. Enchanting.


Teresa Hoffmann, www.erdenengel.eu


Happy clients.
Happy clients.

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