Humans and Horses

Linda Tellington-Jones, Switzerland 2016
Linda Tellington-Jones, Switzerland 2016


When I was four years old, I was finally allowed to go horseback riding. I fell in love with a 22-year old Icelandic mare, who not only taught me on how to stay on the bare back of a horse in EVERY speed, but more about life, and finally death, than I can put in words. Horses and animals in general have always been strong landmarks in my life, they brought me in contact with animal communication and the Tellington method, which are still influencing my work and life. Due to my training as a Tellington practitioner and my horse-related travels to Spain and Ireland, I had the chance to meet and photograph amazing animals and humans. Capturing the magic that can happen between us is an ongoing project.



Dear Leonie, again and again, thank you so much for your pictures, which beautifully depict the animals in my work from their very best side – You capture moments, how I love them most: The whole atmosphere, lovely details, expression and precision with an excellent photographic quality. Your pictures are enriching my website, all of my publications and me personally!


Bibi Degn,


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