Kim 6/52

Since one year, Kim is my neighbour. And since then, she keeps surprising me - when I meet her at 5 o'clock in the morning because she goes running before work, when her hair becomes even a nuance brighter or when she drives by on her motorcycle. Kim does a commercial apprenticeship at BMW.




My social environment makes me happy, animals and humans. Even if things go wrong, I know that there will be somebody to cheer me up again. It also makes me happy when I see close people happy and when I can contribute to it... It is very important to me to live in the present – I try not to worry about what could happen, because usually things turn out differently than planned. Living in the „here and now“ enables me to enjoy moments fully.




The feelings of love and security make me feel at home. When I know that I am loved and that I can trust somebody. The moment, when I don't have to pretend to be somebody else or trying to behave correctly, where I can just be myself.




That's difficult to answer, because I can't specify on three things... I think, every day things happen that should happen, thus point us in a certain direction. We are usually not aware of it, but everyday something changes and affects us. Whether it is work, friends or family... These are monopolies which involve change and which, consciously or unconsciously, point our way.


Lasse's question:


I am often proud, not necessarily on myself... but on what my life offers me. I have so many things I value and of which I am proud to have. I owe much to my beloved friends and family members and I am proud that I am able to count on them. I am proud on being part of them, that they always offer me strength and support.


Kim's question to you: Is there something you (really) want to achieve/experience in the next years? And what will you do to make it happen?