Jasmin 14/52


 A few years ago, Jasmin decided to reduce the working hours in her job, because it didn't make her happy, and started working as a professional photographer instead. She is especially passionate about capturing the power and beauty of horses in her pictures. Jasmin welcomed me in her home, where we spent a cozy afternoon next to her Labradors Zoe and Lilo with a cup of tea and banana muffins. (And I am deeply impressed that she, a professional photographer herself, embraced the challenge of being photographed  just as she is, although she just recovered from a tooth surgery!).




Many, many things make me happy. Being in nature, for instance, spending time with my two beloved dogs and my boyfriend. Many little things like a delicious wine, a great TV-Show where a new talent is discovered, I always cry with them... Having delicious food with friends, a great community around me. And being in the woods. Experiencing the silence in the woods really fills my heart. When I see the success of others. When I am able to touch people... Photography makes me happy, especially when I am surrounded by horses.

And peace. My greatest vision and bliss would be worldpeace, although it may sound like the typical wish of the winner of a beauty contest. But peace really makes me happy.




Here, the feeling of happiness matters. I feel at home, when I feel comfortable and when I feel welcome. I used to say, that home is no fixed place for me, I always considered myself as „uprooted“, but in a positive way: That I can grow roots wherever I feel it's right. Home could be anything, like a cave in the mountains with a chandelier – as long as my beloved ones are around me and one can make it cozy, it is a home.

I feel at home, when I canbe myself – when I can be like I really am. When there are no expectations I have to fulfill, but when I can just... flow. Home for me is a place of security. Home as a retreat is very important to me, very very important. I need a secure home, so that I can „incubate“ the things I am contributing to the outside,

I love to cook and to have it cozy, with my animals, and therefore I need a home. It doesn't matter how it looks like, if it is small or big, I will just create it. Having the possibility of retreating in my own four walls means a lot to me. Like a cave, that offers protection.




Things, that point my way ahead... my self-worth. That's what comes up intuitively. I cannot really specify it, but throughout my youth and childhood, which weren't written in golden letters, I didn't believe that I would achieve something, or even make something, that I have a talent at all. Because nobody took my hand and said „So, and now we gonna find out what your talents are!“, I had to experience it by myself. And my selfworth was very deciding during my life.

What also point my way ahead was my carrier of being delinquent, to somehow name it. For a couple of years, I didn't live a model life. Now I now, that I wanted to hide and also suppress my sensitivity, through drugs and intoxicants. And the point of realizing, that I am not only a cold rock without feelings, but so, so much more – and that point my way ahead to what I am doing now.

And the man at my side – from the first day, he saw my talent and did everything to support me. If something is a supporting pillar in my life, it's him. And I am incredibly thankful for that. Where my weaknesses appeared and I „gave way“, he supported me in every way.

And of course, the animals. The animals are so important in my life.


Vanja's question: No matter how (!) you are going to achieve it - But what do you really wish to do?


I want to touch people. I want to touch people and open hearts. I want to show people, how wonderful they can be. Because there are so many people who don't believe in themselves. That is, where I want to go: Fill people with enthusiasm and motivate them: YOU, yes, exactly you, why not you?

Maybe also: Making people touchable. That's what I really want.


Jasmin's question to you: What is your personal solution, your vision, for a positive change of the world?