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In my memory, Solveig is this small, fine girl at the Lakota Camps. Over the years, (partly thanks to Facebook), I witness her growing into a brave young woman. Her statetments impress me with their directness and their willing to provoke positive change. We meet in a florist's café, just before her graduation.




What makes me happy.. A well fitting question because today, I was very happy. I got up this morning, the sun was shining and I prepared my morning coffee. The smell of coffee – that makes me happy. Today was the first time I walked barefoot across a field which cured my long-lasting winter depression. (Solveig smiles)


What makes me truly happy are most often the small things. I can hardly describe this in general. The small moments which make you seize and cherish the day...When I find someone with whom I can talk about things, which I put off for too long or which I tried to avoid talking about. Or, that I can be proud of myself to be back at rock climbing after three stressful weeks of exam preparation, or when I see my sister again after a long time. I could probably name heaps of things, but I think I am the happiest when I feel good in the very situation, when I can be truly myself, completely me and fully certain. I reckon, that it is extremely important that one can share this joy. The book „Into the Wild“ reads: „Happiness is only real when shared“, what I find to be true. I love when I can make people smile – or when they are glad, simply about the fact that I am happy.




Home has been something complicated, at least in my early years. My parents got divorced 14 years ago. Since then, I have moved 7 times, drove to my dad's over the weekend, and lived with my mum on the weekdays. My belongings and my life were scattered everywhere. I have never completely felt at home. Probably, because I thought "home" is a place and therefore wondered where this place actually is... For me, this is inseparable from you first question. Meanwhile I have moved out of home and I am living together with my boyfriend. It is not necessarily the place, the flat, which counts, but rather the security to know that I can be exactly who I am. I believe one is only home where one is happy and fulfilled.




This is a complicated question. Obviously it is hard to summarize this specifically. Probably, the divorce of my parents had the greatest impact on me, because this lead to me not feeling at home anywhere, not feeling to belong somewhere. I had to go to medical centres, I was fairly scared. What has shaped me the most during this time, was how my mum miraculously managed to sort of "repair" my soul.


The second thing; I realised over time what was wrong in this world, mostly from what I learnt in school. This was around the time, when the accident in Fukushima happened. This made me question how we live, how we treat ourselves and the world, and what actually happens all around us. In school, I then collected information about the Palestine - Israel conflict. This was the turning point. I started to question my understanding, tried to find my own way, to adjust and expand my limited point of view. I learned to critically exam my perception, to study other perspectives different from those I learned at school - and wondered what I could do to make a change and to have an impact. Through this I was introduced to politics – this sounds so bad, "politics“ - but I see my political engagement as my way to contribute to something which has the power to make a change. To question, to realize, what and who actually is behind all those things going wrong in this world and to develop real solutions.

Through this, I met people who are dear to my heart now. I had never been happier about certain people – all of a sudden there were people, who had similar ideas, with whom I could discuss, who listened to me. I was able to talk about what I tried to accumulate for so long. With those people, I continuously argue about how to make this world a better place. ( Solveig laughs)


The third thing; probably – this sounds completely cheesy – but, that I met my boyfriend. He is also involved in political work. He helped me to sum up my thoughts and organise them so I can participate more than before. I have never met someone like him. I've never vibed so well with someone. We just complete each other, fairly well. He is extremely rational, on the other hand, (I can be both), but I also am a very emotional being and this is wonderful; we constantly learn from each other.


Of course there is more that happened throughout my life, but those are the three most important aspects.


Pablo's question: Imagine, you come to heaven. What will God say to you?


I do not believe in God in the first place – maybe due to of what I see everyday on earth.

In my opinion people tend to hide behind God. As far as I noticed some believe in god to shirk form their responsibilities or to be inactive with an excuse. It is easier to sit in the church and pray for peace, than going out and making peace happen through action.

Apart from my thinking that me ending up in heaven will never happen - if I really did I would probably be very mad at God and confront him with what is going on down here everyday and that he must be completely blinded if he does not see – maybe he's just not looking down..

Most recently he would probably just say: “Get out!”


Solveig's question: Is the human being fundamentally good or bad?



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