Simon 3/52

Simon works as a carpenter and spends every free minute either at climbing rocks or in the mountains. Since three years, he is my closest friend and lover (and I didn't knew, what his answers would be like).




What makes me happy... Life does. Being in the Here and Now. Travelling. Nice people. When I am free to do whatever I want to and just „go with the flow“. You make me happy.




That's a difficult question! Home is, where you love to be and where you can relax. Home is, where you have friends. I really like my van – I can chose wether I want to go wherever those friends are and I can have my peace at the same time. But also a winter room in a mountain hut becomes home after a few days. Fire, open or at a fireplace, means home to me... There is no specific place.




What influenced and marked me were no specific great incidents, but the small things in life. That little ones, that leave you fulfilled and happy. All kind of relationships. What inspired me were and are people; my grandparents and parents. My first boss, who taught me the most important things I know about carpentry. The stories about travelling of my geography teacher in school.

 Being in the mountains, to reach elementary borders where you can't go on and you have make peace with.


Marja's question: What would be your ideal way of working?


Relaxed! I already do what I want to. For me, work has to have a purpose. I don't need a fixed timetable. It is ideal, when you are content and happy with your effort in the end and when you achieved something.


Simon's question to you: Why don't you live your dreams? What holds you back?