Julian 8/52


Julian is a carpenter, at the moment he is travelling through germany. In one or two years, he wants to study architecture to design and built sustainable houses. Moreover, he is very creative in cooking, singer/guitar player in a band called „Whales on Crack“ and talented in drawing/tattooing.




What makes me happy are... the little moments you either spend with talks or being together. It can be something like great food, things one save up for special moments. Music. Doing nothing and let life flow...

When things happen and you realize, how beautiful they are. Appreciating the things in the moment, I would consider as happiness.




No concrete place, but rather the meaning of a place for oneself. When you are familiar with a place, where you can be who you are without pretending to be different. When a place fills you with a deep happiness, then it's home. If it is a hut in the woods, a view on a field or your family's house – doesn't matter. For me, it does not depend on if there are people. When a place gives you a lasting feeling of trust, then it is home. Where you feel secure. It changes, depending on where I am.




One thing... when I was only as tall as this table's edge, I picked the most colourful disc from my father's CD shelf and became addicted. Half a year later, the Zappa album was totally scratched and my father angry with me, but this was the cornerstone for the music in my life. If I haven't had music, my life would be quite sad today. I wouldn't have started making music and I hadn't experienced music as the great thing it is for me now.

Another cornerstone... I think it was a situation when I was in the fifth grade, when I got to know Simon, who is a good friend of mine. Then, he was smaller than most of the others and I therefore teased him – until he verbally hit back in a way, that I became aware of the mistake I just made – that I was treating somebody unjustly. I found myself in that situation a few times; when somebody from the outside makes you aware of your actions, so that you realize your mistakes. It is the most effective impulse to shift, because it really... hits you in the brain. I realized, that people who are able to bring you into this situation are the best friends you can have. The feeling of active and purposeful criticism means real friendship to me.

What came to my mind first to this question, probably because I talked about it yesterday, was the picture of the first master carpenter I worked for. What I learned from it was creating something on my own. Building something with my own hands, giving form to something, realizing it exactly as you have it in mind. Creating is something great. Not only in carpentry, but in every part of life.


Paulina's question: Where does your next journey lead you to?


I envisioned Costa Rica, but I am still undecided. Where the next journey will lead to... I don't know yet. I think, I am already on this journey, since three months, since I left home. But I have no idea, where it will lead to. Having a destination means that you have a fixed place you call home, from where you leave to see other places, from where you can START a journey, meaning that you plan to come back. I am already on this journey and I will see, where it will go.


Julian's question: Describe the feeling of loving somebody deeply.