David 12/52


David is the younger brother of Simon and happens to live with his long-time girlfriend in the same city as I do. He makes a dual apprenticeship to do his Abitur and to become an information technology assistant.

Also, he has gaming friends all over the world, who send each other christmas parcels with local sweets every year.




What makes me happy... many things. I often enjoy the brief luck in form of incidents which cause the chemic reaction of euphoria, happiness. (Me: Ehm, sounds like if you are talking of drugs).

Yes, maybe, drugs do this, like other negative habits, too. But also the flight into other realities, where you can let your imagination run free is a form of euphoria. When you manage to trick your head to get into another sphere, where it can fully express itself, detached from reality. I mostly enjoy this when I am really stressed out.

The second thing is the kind of lasting happiness – that I am surrounded by people who love me for who I really am, where I can be my true self.

I strongly connect happiness with love. And... balance. You don't need the extreme in love – The extreme, the honeymoon effect you have when you fall in love, is too extreme to me. Because you are not really yourself, just overwhelmed with emotions. And that I found this kind of love where I can develop, which doesn't limit me, makes me very happy.




What makes me feel at home... A place, where I can let go of my restlessness. Where I can relax and recharge my batteries. Where I reach a point zero, where I don't have to put on an act. A place to relax physically and mentally – where I have a social environment where I can simply be, without having to do something. And of course people, friends! So home to me is not only the maternal space or the space you create in a relationship, but also friends can be a home.




What influenced me... The relationship of my parents. What happened between them, the atmosphere between them. When I was 14, I really dealt with that and it made me more critical and more cautious.

And of course, my girlfriend influenced me – she's the reason, why I am here now. You find love in every corner, but true love... True love is not hard to hold, but hard to find.

The relationship to my mother made me more catious, in financial things and things concerning my future – and my girlfriend is my ambition to do things. With her, I realize, that I need to... achieve something, that I can't stand still, but always go a step further. I don't know why, maybe I am just trying to fulfill a stereotype picture. In ten years, my answer will be propbably different.

And of course, my friends are important throughout my life... And my gaming. Gaming influenced me – why else would I do something with PCs, I could do so many other things.


Bibi's question: What is the meaning and importance of sexuality in your life?


Ha, cool question. Sexuality, sex is important. I think, everybody has this need, me too. What I said before, it is important to me to find a balance – and I think, sex contributes to it. It is a confirmation, an act where you and you partner come to one level. It doesn't have to be the basis of a relationship, but it complements very much, tenderness, love. And I think, it creates a very good balance.


David's question to you: Concerning your future – what is more important in your actions, love or money? Why?