Teresa 15/52


Chance (or fate) brought me and Teresa together. She is a writer and excellent cook. She shares her words on her blog erdengel and her beautiful voice in songs and studies Oecotrophologiy. Her whatsapp status says „Let no one come to you without leaving happier“ and she lives that pretty perfect. If you meet Teresa, you'll leave with a smile on your face.




What makes me happy.... Little things. I easily get enthusiastic, as I am able to discover big wonders in small things... Be it the first breeze of spring air, the first flower that blossoms. It can be the first snow which covers the world in silence, a hand-picked strawberry, that is warm of the sun, the smell of cinnamon waffles on Spiekeroog... things like that make me happy. The underlying feeling in those moments is being in connection with... everything. Those little moments let me feel, that everything is connected, a oneness. Universe, World, Life. That life is good.

...People make me happy. Seeing the beauty of humans,




Home for me is more a feeling than a location. The feeling of security and being protected, the feeling of Mum's lap. And home can be mum's lap, but I can experience it everywhere, with every person. At places, which I create as a home for me or places, where others welcome me and create a home for me.

The feeling of being at home is strongly connected with sensory perception for me... for instance, when I smell a certain scent, like the smell of pancakes in the stairwell, I feel like being transported back into the days of sheltered childhood.

I also feel at home when I hear a music, which reminds me of a certain moment, a moment where I was fulfilled, where I felt that connection I described above in the field of happiness. When I feel, that life is good, that I am loved and that I don't have to make an effort to be loved.




I think, there was a chain of incidents – I met a woman, who managed to wake me up so that I could transform, she lead my thoughts towards a new direction and enabled me seeing life as a playground where I am not only a spectator, but welcome to play. I got a whole new view on my life: That I am allowed to create, to wildly paint it in all colours. It opened the door for new experiences and places which weren't the places where my parents sent me to, but new ones, which I discover on my own.

The impulse of that woman lead me to other people, encounters, that deeply influence and enrich my life since then. I discovered a whole community, where I found the most intimate and close friendship, which I treasure so much, as it nurtures and empowers me and always reminds me of the essential things in life. Supports me in trusting in myself. I gained a clarity, which leads me to meet the right people at the right time... From there, other beautiful chains of incidents happened. And I have the feeling, that I am walking into the right directon. That I will always meet the right people.


Jasmin's question: What is your personal solution, your vision, for a positive change of the world?


For me, it is a change of perspective, as I experienced it myself. Showing that to people. I think, the essence – maybe my personal happiness formula – is to shift the focus on defects, the feeling of living in lack and having to achieve more and more, into the feeling of abundance. It is just that little shift in your thoughts which transforms a negative experience into a positive and enriching one, although it is the same situation.

This is a perspective I want to show to others; because it leads to so much more love and happiness among each other..


Teresa's question to you: Who do you really want to be? Imagine, money wouldn't matter.