Jaya Bala 18/52


I met JayaBala at the Balasai Baba Temple in Kurnool, where she lives. Her father is the brother of Baba.

She has a beautiful singing voice, great body control and andurance, as she offers daily aerobic and meditation for the devotees. Moreover, she graduated in Pharmacy and is going to study to become a doctor of pharmacy.




Baba's company makes me happy! Obviously...Simply that.




No one should interfere in my work. That makes me feel at home. When no one disturbs me. Whatever I want to do, I should be able to do it without any obstacles or dirsturbance. So home to me is no fixed place, but rather a state.




There are no particular incidents for me. Everything is decided before. This is my destiny, whatever is happening. So I have no particularly incidents I remember. Whatever Baba directs me to do, I do that. Without any questions.


Suji's question: What is your life's purpose?

I dedicated my life to Baba. So whatever purpose, he has to decide. He has to direct me, I am completely dedicated to Baba.


Jaya Bala's question: A tip, how to control our anger - how to be peaceful?


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