Roni 30/52


I met Roni at the Herzberg Festival where we were working together at the Bar Jeder Sinne (we have a great team and we offer drinks 24h and breakfast with hand-spread breadrolls with lots of love). He is born in Israel and living with his (very artistic, cool and german) wife in Leipzig.




What makes me happy... Hard question, actually! Friends. Seeing my friends, seeing my family. Party. That's it, I think.




I think what makes me feel at home be with my friend, that I have a place for myself and also for my wife. When I have a group of friends with me, then I feel comfortable and at home.




The first thing for me was to leave the religion that I was growing up on. I have a Jewish family. When I was thirteen and I had a Bar Mizwa and directly after this I realized that this is bullshit and in every thing you do there is reason, has nothing to do with god or somebody else who decided this for you. You are the one to decide what to do with your life.The second – Growing up not in my motherhouse, but to grow up in the streets, in the squad. It also made me growing up. And to leave Israel. I wanted to travel and came directly to Germany. I always had in the back of my head that I didn't want to stay there, I just wanted to leave because they are too much difficulties there.


Noah's question: How and under which circumstances would you like to die?


How I would like to die – I would like – I don't really have something how I want to die, thatdoens't really matter. But I would like if they burn my body andput the ashes in some small thing. Actually, I would like that people are not sad at my funeral. I want to have a really big party, that peple will have a big party at my funeral. It will be sad a bit, but I want that people are not sad too much and celebrate.


Roni's question: How do you see the world at the moment and what do you want to do about it?


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