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Lara and I have know each other for sixteen years. We spend 13 years of school mostly sitting next to each other, talking, and learning together. After school, we would often cycle to Lara's house (Over the years, we managed to master the technique of riding at full speed down the hill together on ONE bike) and go horseriding. When we met each other in Bonn, where Lara is studying nutrition and food science, we hadn't seen each other in two years.




Sunshine!! Sunshine makes me happy. Apart from the sun, friends and family are definitely very important. I know these are probably pretty obvious answers, but I think that sunshine, warmth and social contact, on one level or another, are things that all people need...someone who listens and cares, who takes you seriously - friends - those who accept and appreciate exactly who you are.

 Some kind of job, purpose, is also important Something through which one feels needed. Perhaps this is why we study... In order to be able to fill a possible need later on in life. I think this makes me happy - Or rather that this is something that would make me happy, if I manage to find a job which is both fulfilling and able to financially support my basic needs.


In my opinion, however, friends and family hold most importance! No matter what happens... If everything goes wrong and you loose everything you have been working towards, friends and family are constant. If you have good friends who are supportive and constructive everything else will fall into place. It's friends like these, with whom one feels at home, that give one security...a solid base...and when you have that it's not difficult to be happy.




This links directly to my previous answer... I think it's very closely connected to what makes one happy. For me home, security and comfort are closely interwoven. It could also be argued that, where one feels at home, at the core of it, one is not unhappy. Happiness is a very individual thing...dependant on ones attitude and what each individual believes to be important. That's a good question... Where one feels at home and why? Here in Bonn, for example, I really feel at home, even though I never wanted to come here....I don't understand it and really can't explain it.

The place in which I spent my childhood and grew up, holds many memories and experience's for me. I think this is very important. Places which hold memories, be them good or bad, and in which one has spent a lot of time, will always feel like home. My parents house will always feel like home to me. Even if they were to move into a new house situated in a different place... I think it would still feel like home, because once again there is a close connection between home and people...people who are important to you and who you love.




Oh... That's a really difficult question. I feel like things in my life often didn't go as planned or turned out differently to what I expected.

 Going to a Waldorf school did have its effect. In my opinion it encourages a certain openness and readiness to meet the world. I would describe myself as a very open person.

The year I moved out of my parents house and went to live in Berlin, was very important. 'Flying the coop' and becoming independent has been a really good experience. This process of finding my wings and learning to meet the world from a different perspective really expands ones horizon! Why am I doing what I'm doing...I honesty can't say exactly ... It just sort of turned out this way. One does what one believes to be right and what makes one happy. What happens, happens. At the moment I don't really know exactly where I'm going... But maybe the I- don't-know-thing is just a phase I'm going through.


Roni's question: What is your view on the world and what do you want to do about it?


I could talk for hours about that... The world at present ... Crazy. Insane. Insane is a good word for it, I like it. I sometimes get the feeling that people are just so...stupid. I cannot comprehend why we have to massacre each other, as we seem to be doing in an escalating manner. With all these scenarios of war and terror... Why can't we live in peace with each other? There will always be conflict, but limits still have to be recognised and respected. I know that many people grow up living in terrible conditions and we cannot imagine, what they learn from our world. I can't judge that, but at present I think the world is pretty insane!


...What I personally would or could do to change it? At the moment I am studying how to teach people to nourish themselves in a different way. Maybe there is a way to change something with this knowledge, because a lot of things have gone wrong in this regard in the world. The way in which a lot of people think about food... Completely disconnected from its original source. I don't know... Maybe it is within this context that I could contribute... I hope so.


Lara's question: What is the reason for your unhappiness which leads to conflict?


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